Alexander Technique – a Glimpse

For thirty-five years I have been studying, exploring, teaching, and marveling at The Alexander Technique. The Technique, a practical method for self-improvement, allows ease of movement and increases well-being, through neuromuscular reeducation. The work is not about “good posture” or “standing up straight” as is often depicted.

Instead, it is about coming in touch with an internal organization. This deep, all-inclusive organization of body/mind/self seems to be a universal force that is a necessary component of evolution and survival of all creatures. It seems to be the internal organization that survived millions of years of change. In the animal kingdom, this organization can be observed as a two thousand pound polar bear jumps over a cliff as if he weighed practically nothing.

On a practical day to day level, the Alexander Technique can teach you to pay attention to your body/mind/self in a way that can allow balanced uprightness, ease of movement, and a feeling of lightness and internal strength.

Any thoughts?