“The Actor’s Secret” Now Available

I am so happy to announce that my book “The Actor’s Secret” is now available!

In a culmination of many years of teaching worldwide, I’m pleased to share the knowledge in this book with you, whether you’re a performer, or looking to enhance your everyday life.

The information shared in the book can help with improvement in many arenas of life. “The Actor’s Secret” is a journey to an expanded self, using the principles of The Alexander Technique, Breathing Coordination, and Somatic Experiencing. The exercises and explorations can be used to transform your habitual patterns to improve your performance, and to improve your life.

I’m looking forward to discussing principles from my book, presenting stories from my work, and exchanging ideas with all of you through my website, and in live group workshops and one-on-one sessions.

There are some dynamic classes coming up. Please join when you can.

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